About Heritage Studio


Whether collaborating with owners, architects, and contractors for new construction of your mountain haven, or creating outdoor rooms for your family and friends, Heritage Studio is dedicated to the craft of landscape architecture. Working from my Asheville, NC area home and garden, I strive for the creation of a home setting in harmony with its environment while exceeding owner expectations for aesthetics and function.

Mark Wilson, Principal Landscape Architect

Mark Wilson Asheville Architect


Mark Wilson has founded Heritage Studio to pursue his lifelong passion for creation of fine residential homes and gardens, landscape design, and the creation of intimate outdoor spaces.  Beginning practice in Asheville in 1995 fresh out of the University of Georgia, Mark’s experience ranges the entire gamut from industrial, commercial, and institutional design having worked for three landscape architectural firms in the area.   Working on large scale projects with layered public agency requirements was invaluable.  The ability to integrate 10 gallons of design into a 5 gallon site is a skill that translates equally to gardens and homes.  Purchasing Broadbooks Associates along with a partner in January 2007, the partner’s professional growth led to a position with a large civil engineering firm in 2017.  This opportunity became the time to begin the dream of serving residential and small scale design clients.

Over the last 15 years, Mark’s practice has evolved a palette of design using plants native to our beautiful mountains that will give each home a sense of belonging to its site.  Working with Mark is intended to be a personal experience.  Fun, joyful, interactive.  Relationships are key to life, and business.  Mark seeks to build relationships that will last a lifetime with owners, architects, and contractors.

Robert Marvin, FASLA, is quoted “God made whales to be in the ocean, and God made camels to be in the desert, and He made man to be in the garden.  Everything we do should reflect that garden”.   Beginning as a child, Mark would walk through his grandmother’s garden hearing her tales of each new plant, how old favorites were performing, and cutting flowers for inside.  3 months before beginning at University of Georgia she passed.  Mark went on to become a licensed landscape architect, designing gardens, yet was never able to walk one with her.  God planted Adam and Eve in a garden.  It’s my belief that heaven will be a garden, and we will walk that garden together, living in God’s love and glory.  My Heritage.